The Mission of Ascension Church

The mission of Ascension Church is to reach out to the local and world community with faith and joy. We will commit our spiritual and material resources, and our personal involvement to share the word of God through worship and Christian living. We will provide spiritual support, care and hope for all as we teach and grow in the love of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

We Are A Faith Filled Community

When we gather, something wonderful happens — we become a family.Ascension Church is a faith-filled community that believes the local congregation is central to the life of faith. We gather in order to worship God, to study and listen to God’s word, to support and encourage our sisters and brothers, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ. When we gather, something wonderful happens — we become a family. Through our worship, Christian Education, fellowship and other programs, we develop lasting relationships and God’s Spirit unites us as sisters and brothers in Christ.

The doors of this church are open

The Ascension community seeks to be a reflection of God’s hospitality. Jesus tells us we have been invited into God’s household — God welcomes us! We enthusiastically invite and encourage you to join in our celebration of worship and life. The doors of this household of faith are open to all who want to join us in worshiping God. God welcomes us, and we, in turn, welcome you. Come share in the celebration of God’s presence in all that we do.

The United Church of Christ

  • Takes an active role in promoting cooperation between churches and denominations and bringing people everywhere together in the name of Christ
  • Encourages people to accept the responsibility of being Christ’s disciples by committing themselves totally to God through Christ and responding in faith and gratitude, praise and service to God.
  • We gather together in worship, church activities and service, support each other on the Christian journey and share in the church community.
  • Has as its mission to bring the Gospel to all people through social action and personal faith. We believe in helping people in need, building, healing, reconciling, teaching and working for justice and peace
  • Recognizes that Christians share the same basic faith; we are one in the body of Christ. The U.C.C. tries to bring all Christians together to work for Christ, while maintaining their various forms of worship.
  • Offers Unity — Christians of diverse traditions seeking one church on earth.
  • Action — A heritage of working Christ’s Kingdom.
  • Freedom — for congregational and individual decisions under Christ


Our Staff:

Dwayne Mosier



Emeric Suto