Dan Weckerly is the Music Minister at Ascension church.  Dan has been working in sacred music in various capacities since he was 13 years old, beginning by playing the organ for school liturgies at his home parish in Delaware County. His original focus was organ, which he studied privately for more than a decade. Since then, he has expanded his skills to include piano, vocal, conducting and composing. Full time, he works for a public relations firm in Bethlehem Pa. Dan lives with his wife of nearly 30 years and his three daughters in Limerick, Pa. He enjoys reading, writing, travel and training with his Labrador Retriever, who has several obedience titles and is a certified therapy dog.

Ensemble—Since the COVID 19 pandemic, our formal adult choir has reimagined itself into the Ensemble, a group of four or so singers who meet to lead psalm singing and sometimes anthems for small group. If you read music and are comfortable with quick rehearsals, and have a sense of humor, come join us in leading the congregational song! We gather an hour before service.

Hand bells—Ascension UCC has been blessed with a 3 octave set of Schulmeric hand bells.   We hope to start this program soon